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The Star Destroyer Project

And other modeling projects

48" Scratch Build
24" Commission #1
24" Commission #2
24" Commission #3
X-Wing Fighter
Fine Molds Falcon
Blockade Runner
B-Wing Fighter
Super Star Destroyer
Super Star Destroyer x4
36" Resin Star Destroyer
Republic Star Destroyer
Jawa Sandcrawler
BSG Viper
"Crashdown" Viper
Space: 1999 Eagles
Space: 1999 War Hawk
Moonraker Space Shuttle
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"UFO" Interceptors
X-Wings x4
Randy Cooper Star Destroy
Snow Speeders
E11 Blaster
Imperial Walker

This will be a work in progress for awhile... I'll add more as they occur to me!
  • Are you accepting new commissions?
  • Why is my model taking so long?
  • How much do you charge?
  • Do you sell your plans and/or templates
  • Where do I get the Super Star Destroyer Model?


A: No. I put a whole lot of time into creating my templates, and would rather my model remain unique.  I've shared the inner rib measurements to assist other scratch builders to get the basic shape, from there you're on your own!  Inner Rib 1 and Inner Rib 2