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Master Replicas Snow Speeder Refurbish

These guys have come to be in desperate need of some TLC.  In addition to missing parts, there are several large sections of the hull that have broken away and been lost.

October 18, 2015

98.7% Done!  They just need decals.

August 23, 2015

Most of the major repairs have been completed. 

The rear grille was completely missing from one of Speeders and needed to be built from scratch. 

I took a little license and had some fun with the inside of the cockpit canopy.  For some reason model kits almost always ignore the underside of canopies, that tends to bother me. 

It'll be hard to see once the project is complete, but I sleep better knowing that's there. 


August 8, 2015

The main hull has been opened up and most of the cleanup done. Now I need to go in and rebuild the underside and create the internal gizmos that make he thing fly. (I haven't started the clean up on the air brake area yet). BTW: I intentionally avoided looking up the value of a Master Replicas Snowspeeder, I figured knowing that number might have made it harder to hack into the hull...

Detailing the inside of the open panels. I always worry about just throwing parts at a project, I want to avoid it looking like a bunch of random pieces just filling the empty spaces. I tried to work out a internal logic and reason for each of the parts, one pipe supplies coolant, another is a return. This is a control panel with electrical conduit going in and out, etc.

(Click on the picture to for Hi-Res Link)

This could very well be a first: I had set a goal for the weekend, and have achieved that goal, the air brakes are done! After opening up the holes I wasn't very happy with the results and worried myself sick about getting them cleaned up and looking acceptable. I won't point out the places where I fear I've failed, but am overall pleased with the result.

This one will be a more or less straight refurb, I'll add some detail and pilots

This one is in much worse shape.  I've torn it down to it's shell so I can cut into the hull and
create open panels, it all goes well you'll be able to see its' frame and internal workings.