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Randy Cooper's Resin Star Destroyer
February 11, 2011
No SD is complete without some pirate hitching a ride.

February 6, 2011
Got a little behind on the updates.  She's done, less a few final touches that will be left off during shipping (deflector dooms and antenna array over bridge, cannons and engine rings).


November 15, 2010
The super structure is now lit and ready to be attached.



November  8, 2010
All the lower lighting and side trenches are done.  Currently the model has about 1080 fiber optic strands installed.
This effect is created by building two light boxes, each which four LED's.  The boxes are affixed to the sides of the bay and offer heavily diffused light evenly spread across the length of the bay.  This is the first SD bay I've lit this way and am very pleased with the result.

The top hull is attached with a good dose of epoxy.  Time to start on the super structure!


November 1, 2010
For a subject of this complexity, I'd have to say that so far this kit has been a breeze to assemble, so far, no surprises.  I still wouldn't suggest this project for a first time resin builder.
The lower hull is assembled, a first coat of putty applied to the seams and both hangars are attached.

Basic wiring and power distribution for the main hull is in place, she's ready to get a few fiber optic cables run.


October 26, 2010
The parts have been cleaned, accounted for and stacked on the table, ready to go: (Note: The rear engine decks are not pictured, they are back in the paint booth with a layer of primer on them.)