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More 24" Star Destroyers

I've been on a break from these guys for awhile, but have continued to get requests to do more.  Most of this batch have been sold, but I still have a couple left.  Please email me if you are interested in getting in on this build. (Given the amount of backup i currently have, it will be several years before more of these are made)

Started in February of 2012

Etching the lower hull in finally done.  It's a long, mind numbing process, and doing five just compounded the insanity.  I'm now detailing the surface, starting with the rear spine.

As much as a pain the etching is, it really adds a lot of depth and scale to the model. (I really need to get some paint on that Easter Egg.)

The "Sculpting a Galaxy" book is worth every penny.

Detail, detail detail.  I still have a few hundred random bump to place along the hull and the detailing of the outer lip, then it's time to flip her over and do the brim trenches.

Lot's of random dimples and bumps. It's tough to find that line where it looks like you have enough, but stop before there are too many.  Also, the brim lip has now been detailed.

I've installed the electrical system, lower hull lighting and rune the fiber in one of five. 

The bottom all lit up.

Detailing the brim trenches is a time consuming process, but really give the model a nice sense of scale.

Putting the top hull on finally gives the model a third dimension and is an exciting time for me!

The top is all roughed in and the "shelving is place.  Next up is etching the top hull and then
 let the details begin!

The top hulls have been etched and "dimpled".  I've constructed and detailed the small
structure leading into the main Super Structure, done the first round of detailing and run the
Fiber Optics on the first level.

With the top secure in place, I can now look for and correct any light leakage and do
another round of detail.  As always, the Fiber is left untrimmed until after painting.

I've been dreading detailing the sides of the Super Structure since this project began.  They are done, and the end is now in sight.  I am currently running the fiber optics to the Super Structure and have started the detailing of the bridge.  Once the fiber is done, I will seal up the the hull and finish the detail along the seams. 

They're getting close to completion.  All construction is finished, I've been working on the rear engine deck all weekend and hope to have it finished by the end of the week.  At that point I only have one more pass of detail, mostly on the upper level rooftops of the super structure and the neck.

Here's one last peek at the inside just before sealing the upper and lower hulls.  I always burn the LEDs for at least 24 hours before closing the model up, I've found that if one is going to fail, it usually does fairly early.

The lights burning bright after the hull has been closed.  The fiber optic strands will be cut flush after painting.  The bridge is not actually attached at this point, it's easier to work on the rear without worrying about the bridge every time I flip it over.

The engine deck primed and ready for the main bells to be attached

24sd1 complete

On the Way to Wonderfest in the morning!  As of Monday I had to break one away from the fleet and focus on it alone in order to have it ready.  The rest should be finished by next weekend.  If you happen to be going to Wonderfest, be sure to look for this one at the display table.  Also please feel free to contact me, I should be milling around somewhere!

And she brought in a Gold!

Click any picture to open high-res version

Completed in July, 2013

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