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B-Wing Fighter

This is a 1/24 scale resin garage kit that has been mastered by the Great Alfred Wong

Project started in March, 2011

All parts have taken a nice bleach bath, been accounted for and laid out.

The fiber optic bundle is running out the back on the cockpit wall.  My kit was missing the front section of the cockpit; so I had to scratch build that area.  It was a challenge to strike a balance between ref pics of the original model and maintaining consistentsy with the rear section.  (This was only compounded by pics of the area being rather scarce!)

The visor is made from a small piece or red photographic gel.  The harness is painters tape with styrene buckles.  Not pictured are the waist and thigh straps.

Construction is done, all modifications have been made and she's been moved into the paint room.  The base coat has been applied and the real fun is ready to begin.

The most significant, but least likely to get noticed modifications include the replacements of all guns and the steel rod reinforcement of the wing and cockpit modules to the center mass of the model.  Resin has a nasty habit of sagging over time and without the internal steel rods, it would only be a mater of time before this long, heavy wing started to droop.

The same reason applies to the main guns, replacing them with brass rod prevents future problems, but also gives them sharper detail and a hollow barrel to stare down.  It's a small detail, but worth the effort.

The wing tip cannons get the same treatment.

All the guns on the bottom of the cockpit took the most time to construct, I believe the end result looks deadly enough.

b-wing comlete

She's done and ready to ship to her new home:

Completed in July, 2011

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