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Space: 1999 Eagles

These are the Replicas Unlimited resin Eagle kits

Project started in the Fall of 2009

I've started the build by throwing as much detail as I could under the cages.  As molded, this area was sorely lacking, but easily corrected.  I've also removed the large "coffin"  humps on the top.

And primed

The doors to the Pod were inverted.  I covered them and replaced the sheet styrene cut to create the corrected the door.

A second pod has been modified for the booster version.

A scratch built cockpit

Still need to do a little work on the seat belts

She's still missing the booster unit and the quad retro rocket packs on the sides.  She's weathered a little more than this picture indicates... mostly with gray "moon dust" on the leading edges and underside.  This was down with pastels.

The after-market engine bells are worth every penny.  The landing gear is spring loaded and sinks down nicely with the weight of the model.  I had to add ballest tot he command module to even out the weight so she would wouldn't lean to the back.

Sitting with her twin sister.  There's a third, a Products Enterprise Eagle that I've added detail to and am painting as a VIP Eagle for the same client at the Warp Eagle.

This is example of why I'm always so far behind schedule.  The stowed "feet" that sit under the cargo pod will probably never be looked at twice, but I hated the ones that came with the kit (pictured on the left.)  They look too bulky and solid to my eye.  I choose to scratch build new feet that looked more functional

The top booster is done and in place, as are the shoulder mounted retro rockets.  Makes a big difference!

Eagles Group

Click any picture to open high-res version

Check out the spring loaded struts!

Completed in October, 2010

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