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Imperial Walkers

I've always has a soft spot for these guys.  As impressive as the studio scale models are, I wanted a little more "wow" factor for my display pieces, so I've doubled the scale. (that might have been a mistake)

Project started in late Fall, 2015

Click any picture to open high-res version

The basic hull.  Life would be much easier if the sides were flat and all the angles
squared, but there's a lot more roundness to this thing than initially meets the eye.

Getting all 78 of these cutouts uniform was a major chore, a laser cutter would come in handy.

Putting the armor plating into place.

Scribing the panel lines.  Luke is just a tiny bit too big, dang it,

Starting the heads.  I hadn't originally planned to do much inside, but the
view ports are big enough that I'll need a basic cockpit in there.

Finding the right "ear" dome was a chore. I finally found a stick-on, wide angle rear
view mirror at an auto parts store that was the exact size and shape I needed.
After removing the frame and adjusting the variable thickness of the side walls,
I made a mold and started pouring resin.

They'll be about 48 inches from nose to tail.

Cockpits are done! I ended up using over-the-counter action figures, so they're a little larger than they should be, but not distractionally so (to my eye)

The AT-AT Commander action figure seems to be rare and is fetching 3-4x's as much on eBay as others, so I decided to modify the much cheaper "common" officer.

After awhile I started to feel like a Civil War surgeon

I've completed the underbelly structure and am ready to start detailing. This is the area where I'm most likely to take some liberties, as detailed underside references are sparse. But more importantly the detail of the originals were adequate for screen, a little more would help a static display piece.

Can added for scale

was a little front heavy and needed to add some junk to the trunk. Three pound dumbbells did the trick

The underbelly is finally done, and work is moving forward on two other fronts:

According to my references, the original models took less time trying to disguise greeblies under here. I followed suit by recreating military jerry cans in the right scale, as well as a few naval gun turrets

I've begun work on the main guns. I was going to do these last, but have grown tired of looking at toothless Walkers

I've also begun sculpting the turbines. I sure would be easier if someone offered a Naval jet engine kit in this scale.

The lower skirt is in place, completing the profile


I'm pretty happy with the rear turbine, especially considering this is the first time I've touched a lathe since Close Encounters was #1 at the box office. I just need to add the asymmetrical parts and then get a good molding.

The very last underbelly shot, I promise! The main body is complete, primed and ready for paint. What flaws remain I will need to own and learn to live with. I've been working on the legs and am getting very anxious to see whether my calculations are sound and she actually stands on her own.

Fat guy added for scale

Feet!  I thought myself to (barely) use Tinkercad and drew up a foot.  After 18 hours at a local print shop, I had my prototype:

After an application of XTC-3d from Smooth On, and some light sanding, the layer lines were gone.  With
the surface now smooth, I was able to scribe the panel lines and make a clean mold. 
Then it was time to pour a lot of resin.

She can stand!  With the legs attached and and secured, it was time toattach the feet and flip her over.  No one could be more surprised (and relieved) than myself that she stood on her own!


Walker Complete

Completed in the Fall of 2017

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