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Super Star Destroyer Resin Kit
May 12, 2008





May 5, 2008
Almost Done:



March 16, 2008



March 2, 2008
The lights are coming on, one strand at a time.  I've not been keeping count, but at this scale, she's needing a lot.  I'm using .25mm Fiber Optics is hope of keeping it at least a little bit in scale. 

Each detail panel get quite a bit of attention before going on the model.

February 10, 2008

Detail is slowly going into place, what you can't see here are the hundreds of .25mm fiber optic ends sticking out of the details.

There was a fair amount of damage to the brittle edges when the kit arrived, I've patched it all up, but still need to add a little detail to help mask the surgery.