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The Star Destroyer Project

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48" Scratch Build
24" Commission #1
24" Commission #2
24" Commission #3
X-Wing Fighter
Fine Molds Falcon
Blockade Runner
B-Wing Fighter
Super Star Destroyer
Super Star Destroyer x4
36" Resin Star Destroyer
Republic Star Destroyer
Jawa Sandcrawler
BSG Viper
"Crashdown" Viper
Space: 1999 Eagles
Space: 1999 War Hawk
Moonraker Space Shuttle
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"UFO" Interceptors
X-Wings x4
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Imperial Walker
I have been doing fewer page updates lately because the last few builds have been repeats of previous projects.  If you'd like to see all updates, please "like" my Facebook Page.  I'm not letting redundancy bother me over there.

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UPDATE: I've started linking Hi-Res pictures to some of the galleries. So far I've done 24" Commission #3, X-Wings x4, SSD 3, Randy Cooper's Star Destroyer, the Jawa Sandcrawler, UFO Interceptors, Space:1999 Eagles and the Fine-Molds Falcon!


Imperial Walkers:

Updated: Feb. 11, 2018

Master Replicas Snow Speeder Refurbish:

The E-11 Stormtrooper Blaster:

A Second Randy Cooper Star Destroyer:

Another Super Star Destroyer:

(Click on the picture for more pics)


(Click on the picture for more pics)

More 24" Star Destroyers


(Click on the picture for more pics)

Updated: July 18, 2013

A work in progress:



The scratch build that started this madness 





The first time I tried this project was 1981. It involved a lot of cardboard, masking tape and several precariously wired 60 watt light bulbs. Probably a good thing it didn't make it too far.

Just a few short years later, I was ready to try it again. Although I've recently played around modifying models, this is my first serious attempt at a scratch build.




December 16, 2007



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