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Rebel Blockade Runner
This is a resin garage kit mastered by Randy Cooper:
February 12, 2009
She's done.  I plan to take some beauty pics in the near future, in the meantime here's what I have:






February 9, 2009
I spent a good part of this week rebuilding the guns.

The main gun barrels where a little crooked and needed some serious sanding to get into shape.  I decided instead to build new ones out of brass rod.

I used the original gun muzzle, but drilled a hole and inserted a thin, hollow brass tube.

The new cannons painted and in place.  The hollow tips can't be seen in this picture.


The secondary guns also got redone with brass tubing. The detail of the originals got a little soft in the casting and just needed more "pop".  The new gun sits on a higher base that will slide down into the gun turrent and keep her in place.

February 1, 2009
Painted flat white and the washes have begun.  I started off by airbrushing soot around the engine nozzles, then started applying washes, starting with a light gray and then getting darker.  I have a few final washes to go then will start with the pastel work.

She's still missing the guns and main antenna.

She also needs to have her window frame installed.


December 21, 2008
She's primed and ready for for a base coat.




December 2, 2008
Overall, she's a beautiful kit and is going to make a great display piece.  However, it isn't a kit for the timid.  The engine area was quite a challenge to get aligned properly. 


Looking at the cleanup that would be required of the 22 engine detail pieces filled me with dread.  I decided that it would be easier to scratch build replacements.


The lower half of the hull had a serious warp to it.  It took several dips in boiling water to get her close to the proper shape.  Once I got the two halves to mate, the lower section was wider than the top.  I'll have to extend the brim out and get creative with the detail to compensate.

They nearly killed me, but the engines did eventually come together.


Eleven LED's make up most of the lighting for this model. The cockpit will get a small amount of light as well.


Still working on the seams here. I put a couple of model railroad "N" scale people in the cockpit, they look pretty cool pointing out the window.  Probably a waste, as no one will ever look that close unless specifically told to do so.

Once you get past the engines, the project starts going a little faster.