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Moonraker Shuttle
February 15, 2009
I've had a request to customize the shuttle from Moonraker.  The base kit is a 1/100 scale Tamiya kit.  This kit was modeled after the shuttle prototype "Enterprise" and was actually produced before the first shuttle flew.  This dates the kit about the same time "Moonraker" was released.
I've spent the weekend assembling the kit.  I've mounted the shuttle on a dow rod, adjusted the display angle and poured a block of resin into the cargo hold to secure the dow.
Overall the kit has good fit, but seems were a major pain  where the wings meet the main body.  It took several layers of putty and a lot of sanding to get them to finally vanish.


February 21, 2009
I've finished the base coat and trim and am ready to start the detail and rough weathering.  The fine weathering will have to wait until the Jbot Decals have arrived and been applied.



February 28, 2009
She's done!

I always have a problem photographing grime.  This model is a little dirtier to the eye, but it seems
to get washed out when photographed.  As do the panel lines and grid work on the top of the wing.

The grime is a little more pronounced here.