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The Republic Cruiser (Radiant) 
This is a resin kit mastered by Randy Cooper.
Completed: September 12, 2008





August 26, 2008





July 20, 2008
Working with the red paint was an interesting first... it went on thicker and darker than anticipated, needing a lot of steel wool work to get it looking right.  It's hard to see how the details pulled out in these pictures.


June 20, 2008




June 15, 2008
The engine area has been completed and primed.  This is the lighting test.  For this model, I used a frosted lens behind the thrust nozzles, a single LED sticks through the center of the lens, providing the primary light. Five other LED's are placed behind the frosted lens to create an overall glow.  The lenses themselves are from a pair of novelty glasses and provide and interesting distortion effect to the light.  (Note that the engine Inserts are not yet in place.  This kit came to me via a third party and the inserts were missing.  I have yet to fabricate new ones)